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With so many new learn piano products available it can be difficult to decide which one to actually spend your money on. The good news is you can read reviews here by people that have purchased and used many of the piano lesson courses available online. Our goal is for you to be able to make an informed desision before you buy a piano lesson course. Read reviews and opinions from people who have actually purchased these products before you spend your hard earned money.

You can also read our thoughts on the various piano instruction courses available. We add new piano courses regularly and If you don't see a review for a particular piano course please feel free to e-mail us at: and we will do our very best to get it added to the site. Thanks and have fun learning the piano!

Disclosure: We are paid by the companies who's products we review. This in no way influences our reviews. Each product reviewed has been thoroughly tested by us.

Here are The Highest Rated Piano Lesson Courses.

Piano Course Top Course 2012 Average Rating
#1 Learn & Master Piano

Learn & Master PianoLearn & Master Piano is unmatched by any other piano lesson course we have seen to date. The course is very extensive and very easy to follow. The course contains fourteen DVDs, five play-along CDs and a 104 page book. The instructor Legacy Learning System has hired for the course is grammy award winning piano player Will Barrow. Will Barrow is a highly skilled pianist who's resume includes singing, composing and piano instruction. Keep Reading->

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Piano Course Average Rating
# 2 Rocket Piano

Rocket PianoThe Rocket Piano course is a series of eBooks, games, and mp3 audio files. The ebooks that come with this course cover a very wide range of lessons. They eBooks offer instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced playersKeep Reading->

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Piano Course Average Rating
# 3 Instrument Master Piano

Instrument Master ProThanks to the developers of Instrument Master Piano for giving us access to the site for the pupose of this review. Instrument Master Piano is an online membership site that provides access to a wide range of learning resources. Instrument Master for Piano is just one of a number of sites operated by the company. Contents: Membership site with regularly updated lessons. 40 piano lessons. Special exercises and access to their library of sheet music. Keep Reading-->

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Piano Course Average Rating
#4 Piano By Pattern

Piano By PatternPiano By Pattern offers an interesting way to learn to play the piano. Rather then have students study remembering notes or chord manipulation students go through narrated lessons. These are primarily audio lessons. The only video included is a partially animated keyboard that lights up according to the keys being played so students can see what the correct keys are they should be playing. Keep Reading-->

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